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Dawn Wilkinson, Writer-Director, Producer
Dawn has directed TV series How to Be Indie (11), She's The Mayor (11), short films Wilderness (11), Girls Who Say Yes (00), Instant Dread (98). She has also directed documentaries for the National Film Board of Canada. Devotion (05) is her first feature film.

Suzie Mukherjee, Producer
Suzie has produced over a dozen films, including Devotion (05), Esther Baby & Me (98), Ringneck (00), XXXPOSED (99), Shrink (98), The Stone Skipper (98), and Mercury (98). She was the associate producer on Madness of Method (94) and Hayley's Comment (97).

Derek Madison, Music Composer and Associate Producer
Derek Madison aka Grasshopper is a music composer, songwriter, performer and DJ. Derek composed music for Wilkinson's short film Instant Dread (98). He also art directed the short film The Record (09).

Lux, Cinematographer
Lux's credits include feature films Boy Toy (11) Sleeping Dogs (06), Boiler Maker (08), The Adventure Scouts (10), and TV series Rockstar Academy (11). Lux recently directed the feature film Ecstacy (11).

Diana Abbatangelo, Production Designer
Diana has worked as an art director and production designer on features, docs and music videos. Her feature credits include Textuality (11), Toilet (10), Nurse.Fighter.Boy (08), Coopers Camera (08) and the Limb Salesman (04) and 19 Months (02).

Barry Gibson, Editor
Barry has worked on commercials, music videos, television series and short films. In addition to Devotion (05), Gibson collaborated with Dawn Wilkinson on several music videos and EPK's.

Sara Kay, Casting Director
Sara's film credits include Defendor (09), Beat The World (11), This Movie Is Broken (10), My Brother's Keeper (04) and The Dark Hours (05). Sara's series credits include Skins (11), Little Mosque (09-11), My Babysitter's A Vampire (11-12), Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (10-11) and Overruled! (07-08).

Kathy Choi, Sound Editor
Kathy's credits include independent films, documentaries, TV series and Features. She was the sound editor on Away From Her (06), the dialogue editor on Trigger (10) and One Week (08), and the sound effects editor on Amal (07).

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Jasmine Richards, Alice Hope
The role of Alice Hope is Jasmine's first starring role in a feature film. Her series credits include: Time Blazers (03), Naturally Sadie(05), Overruled!(09) and King (11). She also stars in Disney's Camp Rock (08) and Camp Rock 2 (10).

Carl Bailey, Grant Hope
Carl Bailey was born in Memphis and began studying theater at high school in Beaumont Texas. He went on to study Theater at Erie Community College and later at The State University of New York at Buffalo where he performed in and directed numerous plays.

Simone Skinner, Kate
Toronto-based Simone Skinner has participated in drama workshops and theatre productions since she was a child. She studied acting at the Showbiz Academy with director Gail Harvey. Devotion is her first role in a feature film.

Saraswati, Caroline Hope
Saraswati was born in Serbia. She has been the director of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Toronto since 1998. She is a devotee of Swami Vishnu Devananda and carries on his work today. Saraswati is also a very proud mother of two. Devotion is her first film role.

Julian Smither, Cameron
Julian Smither has acted in commercials, music videos, film, television and theatre. He participated in the Randolph Academy Triple Threat Program. Julian also studied acting with Michael Carauna and appeared in the short film Look Both Ways (07).

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